The restoration

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The restoration

The restoration work involving the entire complex of Villa Monica, home to the art gallery

Franciscan, allowed to make even more accessible and readable museum. the rooms, renovated in their facilities and in their exhibition, allow the visitors to have full knowledge of the reporting period and of every single work. The new gallery is inserted, so, in a context territorial broader, becoming itself the place of culture and encouraging fruition continuity between the city center and the new districts.

As a place of culture, becomes container not only in the collection, but also activity and of events that lead it to interface to a cultural network more complex, thus pointing to enhancement and enjoyment always maggiorie good. In that place linked ecclesiastical art, the art gallery, in line with its vocation, continues to express, through the power of art Post Christian and becomes itself a place of refreshment to the spirit in the name of dialogue and knowledge. This guide was born as a result of new jobs concluded in 2015, by Nicolì s.r.l. of Lequile (Le)it aims to be a lightweight tool introduction, which may provide the visitor the general context of the collection, leaving each the pleasure of discovering a place rich in history, art and spirituality.

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The Franciscan Art Gallery "R. Caracciolo" of Lecce, was founded in 1968 by Father Egidio De Tommaso, in order to preserve, enhance and promote the pictorial heritage of the province as lesser of Salento.


The Franciscan Art Gallery is pleased to welcome you for guided tours by reservation.

Opening to the Public:
Thursday - Friday - Saturday from 16:00 to 19:00. Last entry half an hour before closing

All other days reservation.

Address: Via Imperatore Adriano, 79 - 73100 Lecce

Phone: +39 0832.455009





Site created with the funds for the redevelopment of the Museum System (Line of intervention 4.2 - Action 4.2.1 ERDF Puglia 2007/2013).