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The Art Gallery of Franciscan art “R. Caracciolo”, located at the Convent of the Friars Minor of Lecce, founded in 1968 by Father Egidio De tommaso, with a view to conserve, enhance and promote the pictorial heritage of the province as lesser of Salento.

The art gallery, which houses works from the convents of the city and of the province, it has the presence of works from individuals, acquired over the years through bequests and donations, utilizes a dedicated room the papier mache Lecce, vestments liturgical and two rooms dedicated to single-issue Father Raphael Pantaloni, author Decoration fresco in the same church of S. Antonio to Fulgenzio and Ezekiel Leandro, multifaceted artist Local, author of a series of panels depicting the Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assissi. Just the Franciscan theme of works kept, gives the art gallery Lecce a value that goes beyond the same quality of the paintings. In fact, being production painting typical of the Baroque period and Counter, they allow visitors to have full knowledge of the artistic movement Salento between centuries

XVI and XVIII and sees in the painting the necessary “ally” architecture in stone mason in the construction of the sumptuous altars typical of the period. therefore, the painters called for the execution of paintings now gathered at the art gallery, not only they come from the religious Franciscan, and then fail to convey in their works sentiment typical of the charism of St. Francis of Assisi in the light of the needs dictated by the Second trento, but they are also the same working at the great religious customers and civilians in the city and the province.

Among these, remember for example Serafino Elmo, author of painting of the Immaculate Conception from the complex of St. Mary in the temple, and whose works decorate both the Church of St. Matthew, belonging jurisdiction for the order of Minors, is the church of the Rosary, which belongs to the Order of Preachers, witnessing, in this, his poetry artistic revolt, in particular, the orders beggars.

The collection of paintings to the works of then widens the likes of Giuseppe de Ribera, Oronzo tiso, Gianserio Strafella, thus embracing all the poetic pictorial Counter. the twentieth-century works from the collection “Balsamo”, signed by Francesco Romano, Giuseppe Casciaro and Stanislaus Sidoti complete the exhibition.

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The Franciscan Art Gallery "R. Caracciolo" of Lecce, was founded in 1968 by Father Egidio De Tommaso, in order to preserve, enhance and promote the pictorial heritage of the province as lesser of Salento.


The Franciscan Art Gallery is pleased to welcome you for guided tours by reservation.

Opening to the Public:
Thursday - Friday - Saturday from 16:00 to 19:00. Last entry half an hour before closing

All other days reservation.

Address: Via Imperatore Adriano, 79 - 73100 Lecce

Phone: +39 0832.455009





Site created with the funds for the redevelopment of the Museum System (Line of intervention 4.2 - Action 4.2.1 ERDF Puglia 2007/2013).